Canadian Pacific Holiday Train (353/365)

December 19, 2015 – Port Moody, the second to last stop on the route of the annual Canadian Pacific Holiday Train.

Every year we mean to go out and see it roll in…and every year we forget.

This year we remembered finally.

We made the effort to drive out to Port Moody, in the pouring rain, slog along a puddle filled muddy path to the edge of the tracks, in really stupid footwear, have our eardrums maimed by shrieking children, and almost get out eyes poked out by adults not properly trained in the finer points of umbrella etiquette.

Me: “Who’s dumb idea was this?”

Kirk: “I’m looking at her….”

And then the train came around the corner, covered in thousands of lights, and it slowly ground to a halt in front of screaming children and adults craning to get a photograph. And then the middle car opened and the band began to play.

Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

And it was awesome.

My pant legs didn’t feel so wet anymore. We wandered up the tracks as far as we were allowed, to take a few photos.

Canadian Pacific Holiday TrainCanadian Pacific Holiday Train

We live near the water so we usually go see the carol ships around Christmas, this was a nice change.

Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

It was a good idea after all 🙂