49-52-2013: Frozen

December 8, 2013 – We stopped by the condo to check on things and finish touching up some paint and when I looked outside there was a bit of ice around the waterfall and the hose hadn’t been drained before the cold weather hit.

The effect was sort of neat though, it was like water had frozen instantly, like time had suddenly stopped.

I was in Idaho this past week, for a conference. It was a fun trip and the talks were great. It was a bit different to be at a conference where the raffles included dehydrated mashed potatoes, cheese, and a gun.

Then it was back home, more work on the new place, Kirk’s staff Christmas party last night out at the River Rock, where we spent the night. The cats were a bit out of sorts when we got home around 3pm, Loki was probably in utter disbelief that breakfast was not served at the usual early morning hour. But even after getting his breakfast at 3pm, he was expecting dinner at 6pm. Not likely.

Today we finally hauled out the Christmas boxes and got some decorations up, and Kirk put lights up outside. He also installed a new bedroom light fixture and is currently struggling with a new light for the landing on the staircase. It’s challenging because it’s about 12-15′ up.

It’s been a busy week. No, it’s been a busy month!

And I realized that I am simply NOT going to get cards made this year. I have no time left and if I try, it will just turn into a stressful nightmare. So I am throwing the towel in on that annual project. Moving and trying to get settled at this time of year, while we are both still in the busiest times of the year for work, has proven a challenge.

Some days I wish I could freeze time and get all the things done that I wish I had more time for. In the end, you just have to prioritize a few things, recognize you can’t get everything done, pour a glass of wine, and go with it and do the best you can.