(366/366) The End

December 31, 2012 – Nothing fancy, just the end. Sometimes things shouldn’t end with a bang, just a quiet exit stage left.

That’s it, 366 photos for 2012, and a total of 1,096 days taking at least one photo per day. Sometimes many more.

Three years.

That’s a long time.

I hope you enjoyed some of my 365 shots. I’m not doing a photo-a-day for 2013, I think I’ll just do a weekly project instead. And take those random photos that I want to, here and there, now and then. And write when I want to. Sometimes a passion can become a stone around your neck when you commit too much to it, if something was meant to be enjoyable and it becomes more of a chore and less of a passion, it’s time to reassess and take a break so the passion can reemerge.

I need a break now. From a few things.

Wishing you all a healthy and Happy New Year. All the best for 2013. Hug often, love full heartedly, and learn something from every lesson that life has to give you. Don’t take anything for granted, you never know when it might disappear. Be grateful for what you have, and for those you are lucky to call friends and family.

And here’s a little bit of irony for you. The 16GB card in my little Lumix has been having temper tantrums recently so when I was up in PG I picked up a 32BG card on sale. After I pulled the 16GB card out of my camera and pulled today’s photo off it, the card quit. Kaput. Nothing. I put it back into the camera and it is no longer recognized and can’t be formatted.

I think that was a sign πŸ˜‰