(365/366) Renewal

December 30, 2012 – The year is almost out and Nature is already getting ready for a new start. I seriously love living in Vancouver.

Where else does spring start before the new year does?

We went for a walk in the unexpectedly nice weather (the sun actually made an appearance today, and the sky was blue for a short while) and found lots of plants preparing for the New Year. And this isn’t an anomaly, there are new buds on lots of trees and shrubs around town, and the rhododendron out front of our window has a flower on it! It does help that we live only a few hundred metres from the ocean, and that tends to keep us snow free and mild.

The downside is that if the temperature does take a nosedive for a week, as it often can in January, there will be some damage.

But to be honest . . . I’d love to live a bit higher and get some significant snowfall.

I am a Northern girl afterall.