(360/366) Christmas Carnage

December 25, 2012 – Everything always looks so pretty on Christmas, then there is the aftermath.

Ribbons and bows strewn about, paper crumpled and bagged for the garbage. Dishes to be cleaned.

One could say that the worse the carnage is, the better the day was. Unless you have to clean it up πŸ˜‰ Maybe that’s why things are mostly stress free when Christmas involves just two.

We had a quiet day. Opened presents, got everything ready for the oven later on, a couple of phone calls, and made it through two of three parts of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And that only after Kirk saved the day. We ditched our DVD player a couple of years ago as Kirk was given a Blu-ray player, not that we had any use for that either, it was never used until today. But when we plugged in the first DVD, it said it could not play it for copyright reasons.


Turns out that because it is also a recorder, it won’t play the discs. So after Kirk got creative and connected a series of this to that output connectors to his laptop, we had success. As Kirk laughingly said, it took about $100 worth of connectors to play what would have played on a $20 player.

In the end we watched the first two and mostly distracted our minds from the fact that we were each missing a parent on such a family oriented day.