(357/366) Lights of Hope

December 22, 2012 – There is a certain irony that I ranted against religion a bit yesterday, and today found me seated in a church pew for three hours.

One of my Mom’s cousins invited me out and gifted me with a ticket for the season’s last performance of Winter Harp, taking place at St. Andrew’s Wesley. I have heard about it, but I’ve never attended a performance, and I can say that we will go again next year. It was a gift that was very much appreciated.

The music was entrancing, wonderful. I have an affinity for Celtic music and this concert was fabulous. The instruments were beautiful, some very unusual.

There is something so “right” about Celtic music at this time of year.

Even if the seats were a bit hard 😉

After the performance I walked the two blocks down to St. Paul’s Hospital to take a photo of the lights that are put up every Christmas season.

Every year, the Lights of Hope campaign illuminates the exterior of St. Paul’s Hospital with a spectacular display of holiday lights to invite the community to give generously to the hospital’s greatest needs and support its role as an invaluable resource for the people of B.C.