May 29, 2016 – I should know better than to go downtown on a Sunday afternoon.

Kirk had some work he wanted to do at the Yacht Club so I thought I’d do a dozen errands and then join him back at the Club to process a few hundred photos from Sailpast two weeks ago.

But traffic on the bridges was stupid, so I deleted a few stops on my list and decided to whip into Gastown and stop at The Bay and then head back to the North Shore.

That shouldn’t take long.



I circled Gastown three times than gave up and drove up to the Mall where I figured I’d just park underground and walk down to the shop I wanted to go to. On the way down I couldn’t figure out why there were SO many people wandering somewhat aimlessly.

Then I saw the stacks and realized that two cruise-ships had puked thousands of tourists into the downtown core.

Exactly why I didn’t leave these two errands until tomorrow when I could have just walked from work, I do not know.

Clearly I am an idiot.

It is cruise-ship season again. That time of year during which thousands of cruise ship tourists arrive for a superficial glance at this fabulous city, and then re-board after a few short hours and declare they have visited.

And what do they see?

Well, when I was trying to navigate Cordova street I ran into the mass of people waiting to hear the steam clock whistle. And all I wanted to do as I tried to get past the masses waiting with their cameras in video mode, was yell “It’s fake!!!, it’s not a real steam clock!!!”

Yes, clearly I should not go downtown on a Sunday again until September….

I struggled in gridlock trying to get out of downtown and back to the sanity of the North Shore, and then marvelled at the idiocy of some drivers as a fellow in front of me in a black pickup truck stopped at a red light at a busy intersection, waited about 3 seconds, and then proceeded through the red light.

That was enough for me, time to give up for the day.

Honestly, the best way to get out on the water is on a small vessel, where one can actually be close to the water and have a bit of solitude.

Like this fellow above.

Oh, and a beer, that’s always a good plan for cooling off πŸ˜‰