Gah! It’s been a crazy fall. I usually work like a lunatic October and then get sick immediately after the month is out. So this year I decided to fix that problem and front end load a lot of my travel and get some of it out of the way in August and September and free up time in October.

Unfortunately, all that happened was that October filled up again with new things, and that all spilled over into November. Upside…I’ve become better at telling myself that the cost of the float plane is better than the hours lost on the ferries in some cases.

Faster than the boat home :)

I’m not sure what went wrong, but this year just seems far busier than previous years and I’ve been on the road far more than usual. I keep saying “after this week it will slow down”, but it doesn’t. I can’t quite believe it’s already November, let alone more than halfway through the month! It’s like the calendar is broken and out of control…. sort of like this meter with no dial 😉

Mystery Meter

On the upside, I got my flu shot and have managed to not be around sick people because I haven’t been in the office much at all, so I haven’t really been in a position to catch the annual fall bug.

It’s ben bugging me htat I haven’t picked up the camera much in the past few weeks, so this weekend, now that I have my marking out of the way for another two weeks, I hope to look through the lens again a little bit.
So for now…these broken eggs feel a little too close to home.

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