Big Blue Sky (364/365)

December 30, 2015 – Vancouver is simply the most beautiful city that I’ve spent any time in, it just doesn’t get prettier than this. We are sandwiched in between the gorgeous North Shore Mountains and snuggled on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

Yes, it rains here, a lot.

And yes, sometimes, like late last night, the earth below us jiggles a little because we live in the Pacific ring of fire.

But can you beat a day and a view like this?

Just another glorious day in Vancouver.

In December.

Today we made a second attempt at going up Grouse Mountain, but again the traffic and the volume of people was less than tolerable. So we turned tail and went back to the water instead.

Yesterday we walked Dundarave in West Vancouver, so today we went to the other side of the water and looked back towards the mountains, towards the city of Vancouver, and towards the North Shore.

City by the sea

I’m still fighting a nasty cold and energy is low, but I was up for a walk on the beach and lunch at the Boathouse restaurant on Kits Beach.

In the shadow of the mountains....on the edge of the sea

The parking lot was surprisingly empty given the fabulous weather, but there were lots of smiling faces walking the seawall, and even a group of beach volleyball players having a friendly match.

Beach Volleyball in December :)

A flock of seagulls was hanging out on the frozen waters of the Kits Beach outdoor pool. I’m not sure why birds would prefer to stand on frozen water when other surfaces were available…

On Frozen Waters

Vancouver in the rain

Quite the December weather, normally we are under a grey and oppressive sky with rain coming all directions. This large boulder was home to a lovely story about the rains of Vancouver, but they were absent today and will be for the next few days as this high pressure system maintains a solid hold over our weather for a bit longer.

This is a welcome change.

Not too shabby for December 30th 🙂

City by the sea