December 27, 2013 – Still sifting through photos that I have already taken and posted and I found a few more to fill some of the scavenger hunt list.

Here are a few more. I may just manage to finish this challenge yet, although this is the last of the photos that I can scrape together from those already online.


this past summer an old friend came down from Prince George with a team and took on Tough Mudder. It was quite the spectacle to watch and provided a tom of photo opportunities. A few fit the 113 challenge bill.

113 in 2013: #65 – Kindness

Hitching a lift

Hans cheers his team mates on as they scale Everest, a slippery half pipe.

113 in 2013: #30 – A face in profile

Cheering at Everest

A group of teammates celebrates surviving the Arctic Enema. The challenge they just endured was jumping into a railway car full of ice and water, diving under that slurry to clear a barbed wire fence, clambering out the other side, and down a wooden ramp.

113 in 2013: #22 – Exuberance or Joy

Post Arctic Enema

113 in 2013: #10 – Breakfast

Blueberry pastries

The tubby neighbourhood cat came to visit us as we walked along the boardwalk in Astoria, Oregon while we were on our Washington-Oregon motorcycle trip this past summer.

113 in 2013: #59 – Taken on an Angle

Love me...

On the same trip, we stopped in at Pacific City, a funky little place off the main highway. The place was all beach and ocean, and crazy people running down sand cliffs. In heavy seas this is a surfing destination. And this very cool chunk of rock just juts up out of the ocean right off the beach. I don’t know if the rock has a name.

113 in 2013: #104 – Made of rock or stone

Pacific City