A silent protest on the corner of Granville & Robson Street – Anonymous for the Voiceless: animals, environment, health.

I’m not vegan, and I probably never will be, but I admire this group for demonstrating quietly and for peacefully showing videos, that depict how factory farms treat animals, to those walking by.

I try to think about what we buy, and we have been trying to be more conscious about where our food comes from and how the animals we do eat are treated. Beef is fairly rare in our diet, fish and chicken are the main meats that end up on our plate. It’s unlikely I’d ever give up seafood, but I could see terrestrial meats becoming a smaller and smaller component of dinner. Organic doesn’t necessarily mean humanely raised, and it’s worth looking at where your meat does come from and how the animals are cared for; there is no excuse for purchasing blindly.

Let meat be a little more expensive, and maybe eat a little less.

Not a tough choice, not really.

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