The Maple Leaf (323/365)

November 19, 2015 – Most of the time I am very proud of the symbolism that is attached to the maple leaf.

But lately, with the knee jerk reactions to refugees seeking safety, the bigotry and xenophobia that people are latching on to, frankly I’m a bit embarrassed.

Lay blame where blame is warranted. There are extremists in every corner of the world, in every sector, in every cause. That doesn’t mean that their views on the world around them represent the views of everyone in a given country, of a given skin colour, of a given religion.

I reject all religions, but I will not colour any group based on the actions of a few. I will not knee jerk and cry out for our country to close its borders, even temporarily, to reject desperate refugees from a war torn country. They deserve compassion, they deserve assistance, they deserve the benefit of doubt.

They are humans before all else.

I wish all my fellow Canadians felt the same πŸ™