The Glorious Dead ((315/365)

November 11, 2015 – When I was a young girl the Remembrance Day ceremonies took place at school.

Then there was a long gap while I didn’t observe the Remembrance.

There is an age when we all look away from the things that matter on a global scale and focus on the things that seem to matter personally, but really don’t matter much at all in the grand scheme of things.

Then, I think, as we age our focus becomes less myopic and expands to recognize that we are not as important as we think we are, and that there are issues that are far bigger than ourselves.

Part of me did not want to go to the ceremonies today. I knew I’d be focusing not on the fallen soldiers, but on my father, the loss still being recent and raw. It would have been easy to stay home and forget instead of remember. But I don’t often do what is easy. We did have a choice – the public ceremony at the North Vancouver Cenotaph, or the more private one at the Yacht Club we belong to. In the end we went to the one where I knew I could avoid displaying grief in view of people I know and went to the Victory Park ceremony, along with a large proportion of the North Shore population. It’s funny, but being at the more public ceremony allowed me to be more private.

I think in recent years, with various struggles overseas, people have come back to recognizing the sacrifices that those long gone, and those still putting their lives at risk for freedoms, have made.

Or maybe I’ve just gotten older and less self centred.

Lest we forget…..