TEDx Stanley Park

March 3, 2018 – This is the third year we’ve attended TEDx Stanley Park, it’s in its fourth year. The talks were interesting, informative, and some were definitely inspiring. I’d say that the talks last year resonated more with me, but that’s not to detract at all from this year’s speakers, they really were excellent. 

What I realized somewhere during the say was that I don’t seem to be watching as many TED talks as I used to. I’m not sure why, perhaps I’m getting sucked into too many YouTube videos via Facebook, probably.

I used to try to watch a few TED talks every week, I think I have to make that a priority again, it’s too easy to get caught up in overly sensationalized media and it’s better to expand the mind with “Ideas worth spreading” than narrow one’s vision with ideas that shouldn’t be spread at all.