Anna’s Hummingbird

February 3rd, 2017|117 Photographs in 2017|

February 3, 2017 - Vancouver has a population of Anna's Hummingbirds that overwinter here. They are tiny, have high metabolic requirements, and feed is presumably scarce at this time of year, so I try very hard to make sure the feeder is always out, always contains food, and stays thawed out. It's a pretty neat [...]

Day 352 – Almost Spring!

December 17th, 2016|Photo a Day - The Rest of 2016?|

December 17, 2016 - Vancouver is such a challenging place to live, the horrible winter weather we have to endure? I mean, we had snowfall warnings for accumulations of 5cm last week, then this week the thermometer dropped to -8C and we had windchills warning for as low as -18C!!! And the snow didn't go [...]

Day 310 – The Pier

November 5th, 2016|Photo a Day - The Rest of 2016?|

November 5, 2016 - Twenty-nine years ago we moved into the thick of the West End, right in the heart of Vancouver, and it was awesome! We lived down there for about seven years before moving here to the North Shore, and I have not one single regret about either move. I simply love this [...]