Caution Speed Bump Ahead

May 12th, 2016|Just Thinking|

I can find a metaphor in just about anything. Maybe it's something that goes along with enjoying staring through a camera lens. Or maybe my mind just works in strange ways. Regardless, where most would see a warning to slow down, I see a metaphor for my life. Caution Speed Bump Ahead. Today was no [...]

5-Pin (351/365)

December 17th, 2015|Photo a Day - 2015|

December 17, 2015 - Today was my last day of work for a bit. I usually book a week or so off at Christmas, this year I initially took two weeks, but then got a digital tap on the shoulder reminding me that I'm sitting on too many vacation days that I've carried over unused [...]

Apple Juice! (289/365)

October 16th, 2015|Mac-Attack!, Photo a Day - 2015|

October 16, 2015 - Completely, utterly, totally, meaningless, random act of mindlessness for a photograph today. Well, perhaps not completely, since I WAS looking at Mac laptops yesterday..... Happy Friday! Sometimes you just have to find your silliness and go with it ;)

NO DISASSEMBLE!!! (40/365)

February 9th, 2015|Photo a Day - 2015|

February 9, 2015 - I know, I know..... wrong movie. That line is from Short Circuit, and the Minions have disassembled Wall-E, not Number 5. They look like weird little hunters though, don't they? Posing with their trophies. Poor Wall-E.

When tourism turns into narcissism

November 8th, 2014|Just Thinking, Travel|

There are a couple of commercials on tv lately that have resonated with me. You know, the ones where the people set up a campsite and take the obligatory selfie, then break it down and head home. The one where the couple races back to the tent after sneaking out to spend the night in [...]

This is my home….

November 5th, 2014|Just Thinking, Worth Watching|

I have always felt that I live in the most beautiful place on earth. I know I can't really make that claim given that I haven't been everywhere else in the world, but I still feel that I am pretty lucky, and terribly grateful, to have been born when and where I was, and to [...]