Embrace the Wrinkle

July 14th, 2017|117 Photographs in 2017|

July 14, 2017 - Kirk looked at me as if I had sprouted three heads and asked "Who are you and what have you done with my wife?" I have a confession to make. I don't iron. Anything. I consciously purchase clothes that don't need ironing or that are meant to look ….. comfortably worn [...]

Four Month Anniversary!

June 21st, 2009|Just Thinking|

WOW! Where'd that go! Four months since we were married? Actually, the real question would be...."where did 23+ years go!!!??" It was a quiet day...I mean really, who celebrates 4 months. Not us. I just noticed the date on the calendar, and it's Summer Solstice, and we were at Eagle Harbour Yacht Club (where we [...]

Circle of Life

March 16th, 2009|Just Thinking|

A friend looked at our wedding bands the other day and looked a little taken aback. "Snakes? You have snakes on your wedding rings??" she said. I suppose if you have never had any interest in snakes it's understandable that you wouldn't know that they have a long and revered history. But they are serpents, [...]

Finally Married!

February 24th, 2009|Just Thinking|

It's done! I never thought I would get married. Just add it to the list of things I said I'd never do that I eventually did do. I really need to be more careful about what I say from now on. I said I'd never teach, I said I'd never go to graduate school, I [...]

I want to grow old with you

February 24th, 2009|Just Thinking|

A song we played at our it....from the Wedding Singer (The Broadway Version)... I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad Carry you around when your arthritis is bad All I wanna do is grow old with you. I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches. Build you a fire if the furnace breaks [...]

Better Together

February 23rd, 2009|Just Thinking|

Our Wedding Song, one of them, the one we danced our first dance to anyway. It was supposed to be Queen, Best Friend, but it proved too tough to do a slow dance to so we switched the night before to Jack Johnson - Better Together. There's no combination of words I could put on [...]

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Final Countdown

February 17th, 2009|Just Thinking|

Well, it appears that I can't back out at this point. My bridesmaid is already en route. So instead I will just lose sleep, stress, wake up at 3am with anxiety attacks about all the things that might go wrong...breathe deeply...and think about Greece..... And maybe I'll just randomly cry for no apparent reason. I [...]

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Lessons in Cakes

February 2nd, 2009|Just Thinking|

The cake has taken more twists and turns than anything else in the wedding planning process. Mainly because I just can't stomach the associated cost. We started off looking at a web site suggested by a friend. That was when we discovered that the "reasonable" baker charged a minimum of $5.65 per serving or higher, [...]

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Giant Rollercoasters….

January 29th, 2009|Just Thinking|

Flowers: So, the florist tells me that for what I want, simple remember, it will end up being around $1000. Exit stage left! Next stop, the floral wholesale company. Manage to get an account set up, buy a few odds and ends, and head home to try my hand at boutonnieres and corsages. Turns out [...]

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Flowers by Extortion

January 27th, 2009|Just Thinking|

This is ridiculous. I am trying to sort out flowers for my wedding. I don't want anything extravagant. It's a small wedding. No church pews to decorate. No fancy centrepieces. No cascading bouquets made of tropical orchids that only bloom once every ten years. Daisies. White gerbera daisies with black centres. That's all I want. [...]