Substantially Sized Spoon

Substantially Sized Spoon

Really Big Sppon

Just a random and rather odd thing over a door to a warehouse in New Westminster. I don’t go out to New West very often, or almost never really, but today was an exception because we wanted to go out to Galloway’s Specialty Foods to pick up some things.

There used to be a Galloway’s in the West End many years ago, and I was heartbroken when it closed. I had always assumed that it had gone out of business, but I hadn’t realized that there was a second one way out in New West.

So now it’s a trip when I need some things like old fashioned oats, various beans, out of then ordinary flours, spices, etc, in larger quantities.

But I have no idea what the business was….we were heading for a shop next door and focused on that agenda, but the giant spoon did catch my eye.

And it seemed appropriate, because then I made a fabulous pot of fresh corn and basil chowder for dinner…..

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