PAC 1559

Yesterday was one of those days where we knew if we didn’t get in the truck and just go somewhere that we’d waste the day. That’s not a terrible thing, wasting time on a weekend can be good for the soul after a busy and/or stressful week, but sometimes you just need to go….somewhere, and do….something.

So we did.

It was a mostly sunny day, not too cold, and so it was perfect for a beautiful drive up the Sea to Sky highway and an afternoon spent wandering Whistler Village, enjoying the crisp air, the blue skies punctuated with fluffy white clouds, and a relaxing couple of hours over some good food and glass or two of wine.

PAC 1556

There are several shops I love to visit and wander through, and we even picked up a Christmas gift, probably one the earliest we’ve ever bought….hopefully we remember that we have it, and where it gets stashed, in December.

One of the shops we always stop in at, but never actually buy anything in, is the Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop. It’s filled with candies and treats that I remember enjoying (or not) as a kid. Nerds, Charleston Chews, Pop Rocks, Jelly Bellies, Bazooka Gum, Runts, Gobstoppers, Hot Tamales…..and so on. Colourful reminders of summers past, riding my bicycle to the corner store and buying some sweet treat with the change I’d collected.

IMG 2148

No skiing today, just a relaxing afternoon in one of the playgrounds that are part of the West Coast life.


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