Remnants of hobbies past

Remnants of hobbies past


For the past month, since we lost Loki, we’ve practically buried ourselves in things around the house. Painting, caulking windows, cleaning, purging, organizing.

Today was the garage.

There are things that we have a reason to keep (Four brooms? Well, yes…they all have different purposes)

There are things that we completely forgot were there (I do still have the wheels to transport the kayak? I thought I got rid of those…)

And there are always things that we find in boxes that we think “Why do I still have this?”  (Dry suits – but we haven’t dove in 15 years)

Once upon a time I used to sew. I sewed some clothes, some gifts, cushion covers and curtains for the boat, various odds and ends. But I haven’t sewn for a very long time…so why am I still keeping the machine and the associated stuff?

Remnants of hobbies past

118 Photos in 2018 – 42. Why Am I Keeping This

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    fantastic and beautifully abstract..lots of shapes/textures 118 pictures in 2018

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    Nice composition and use of focus.
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