Pretty Purple Potato Flower Petals

June 25, 2017 – I don’t know why I bother trying to grow potatoes. I don’t have enough room to make it worthwhile so they are more of a novelty than anything. Now the tomatoes, those are worthwhile to grow and I started everything from seed this year, no seedling plants at all. I meant to only start six plants, but somehow ended up with nine, if they all do well I will be eating an awful lot of tomatoes!

But there are some things I don’t know why I planted. Like turnips…I don’t even like turnips.

Today was the first harvest of lettuces, and I pulled out a few piddly little turnips and planted some beets in their place. The peppers are trying, but it’s not the best spot for them, they need more sun and probably should have been done in pots on the upper deck where it bakes and the tomatoes are so happy.

The kale is coming along, and only one cucumber has poked it’s head out. The peas are flowering, so I may get a few, but the squirrel nabbed most of the few strawberries I had coming along in a pot. Parsley, chives, garlic chives, oregano, marjoram, and thyme are all coming along nicely, but the basil isn’t happy, I’ll have to start again with that.

It’s nice to have the space to do a little bit of food gardening 🙂

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