2010/365 Days

Day 344 – How I do Love Thee Little Scooter!

December 10th, 2010|Photo a Day - 2010|

344/365 (December 10, 2010) - I may curse the wet weather here in Vancouver, but let's be honest....I wouldn't be out riding around doing Christmas shopping and enjoying my little scooter most other places in Canada right now. I really didn't ever envision just how much I'd fall in love [...]

Day 343 – Chin Up

December 9th, 2010|Photo a Day - 2010|

343/365 (December 9, 2010) - I used to have a big gargoyle in my garden. Then someone stole it. All I have now is this little guy, safely tucked out of sight under an azalea.

Day 341 – Window to the Soul

December 7th, 2010|Photo a Day - 2010|

341/365 (December 7, 2010) - Miserable out, and I feel like I've photographed everything possible in the condo. The LAST place I usually want a camera pointed it at myself. But I think this actually came out well. Strangely though, my eyes are blue, but from the side, with a [...]

Day 340 – Down the Tube

December 6th, 2010|Photo a Day - 2010|

340/365 (December 6, 2010) - I'm a big proponent of personal data privacy, so the fact that I went out to the airport yesterday and gave it away (allowed myself to be fingerprinted and have my irises scanned) is completely out of character. But, I also hate excessive lineups and [...]

Day 339 – Super Stars

December 5th, 2010|Photo a Day - 2010|

339/365 (December 5, 2010) - Too busy running around and doing various things today and didn't get the camera out until late. A small dish of star shape brads and snaps sitting on the table ready to be attached to the Christmas cards I still haven't finished caught my attention. [...]

Day 338 – I am a Giant!

December 4th, 2010|Photo a Day - 2010|

338/365 (December 4, 2010) - The Juniors are never dull.  They play with heart and aren't skating around in circles counting their millions. They play for the love of the game and for the chance at making the NHL. Last night's game was between the Vancouver Giants and the Chilliwack [...]

Day 336 – Tragedy Strikes

December 2nd, 2010|Photo a Day - 2010|

336/365 (December 2, 2010) - I feel terrible. I spent the afternoon downtown and was heading home. It was just starting to mist and I was feeling quite smug about making it home before the rain hit full on. I turned down my street and was just a few houses [...]

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