North Shore (350/365)

December 16, 2015 – Kirk sent me a text from his work out in Richmond part way through the day. He said “…if you can you should try to get outside and take a picture of the North Shore Mountains they look fantastic…”

Today was a particularly spectacular day, and so, on his urging, I made the effort to get out of the office for a few minutes and walk down to the waterfront a few blocks away to appreciate the view from my work side towards my home side.

I didn’t catch the best light of the day, the sun was already fairly low in the sky to the west, but it was a great little walk and it was good to get out and catch some of the crisp air and bright light.

And it’s always wonderful to stand here and look across at that wonderful place across the water.

I love that I live a little bit up the base of those mountains over there; that’s home.

I love that 🙂