Mexico 2011

Every year the company Kirk works for puts on a meeting and special trip for their top dealers. In the past they have held it in places like Whistler. But this year Dave, Kirk’s boss, decided to hold it in Puerto Vallarta. Dave has a condo down here, and Kirk and I joined him a few days before the meeting so Kirk could do some work for him on a house he is building in town. I get to be a +1 😉

Into the Mountains

June 10th, 2011|Mexico-2011|

Yesterday was exhausting, but today eight of us managed to drag our tired butts out of bed and meet up before 8am to head out for more adventure. We grouped, walked over to the Vallarta [...]

We are exhausted!

June 10th, 2011|Mexico-2011|

Exhausted, that's about the only word I have available to me right now. While the first part of the week was all work for Kirk and relatively relaxing for me, the last two days have [...]

No, Gracias

June 6th, 2011|Mexico-2011|

"No, Gracias." I have become very good at uttering that phrase. I have discovered a few things in Puerto Vallarta. According to the shopkeepers in Old Town, it appears that many shops stock products that [...]

Frying in Mexico!

June 4th, 2011|Mexico-2011|

OK, so I'm an idiot. The day before yesterday I again spent the day on the balcony at Dave's penthouse condo, out of the sun, marking and finishing up some website work. At least I [...]

Chilling in Mexico

June 2nd, 2011|Mexico-2011|

Kirk works for a wholesale company and every year they put on a trip/conference for its top dealers. Last year they were in Whistler, this year they opted for Puerto Vallarta. Kirk has to work, [...]

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