Spring has officially arrived, and some good weather has come with it. I’ve had shorts on once though, to be fair, it’s still pretty cool in the shade. But it’s nice enough to grab the camera and go for a walk without grumbling about squishy ground and big puddles.

Kirk was down in Portland recently and brought me back a lens I have been coveting for some time, the Lensbaby Velvet 85. It’s interesting, though it takes some getting used to. At 85mm on a 4:3 camera it has some limitations, so I threw my 18-220 lens in my bag as a backup.

The sky is the limit

This simply wasn’t possible with an 85mm lens, so the 18-200 came to my aid for one of those shots that always makes me think I’m going to fall over backwards when I take it. Spring is here, but the leaves are only just starting to show on many of the trees. I imagine in a week or two these will have exploded into leaf.

Living Dangerously

As we crossed a street we noticed an open electrical box at the base of a streetlamp…. I certainly hope this isn’t the standard for the District of North Vancouver


One of the limitations of the Lensbaby is that, at a 1.8 aperture, which is where the softness is so fabulous, there is so much light coming in that one has to increase the shutter speed up to around 1/3000 to avoid completely blowing the photo out. That said, I sort of like how the daffodil came out.

Daffodils always remind me of Mom, she used to call most Sunday mornings, and between February and now she always asked if flowers were coming up. When I’d tell her that my daffodils were blooming, she’d get annoyed with me and I’d usually retort with something along the lines of “Well you asked!”


We had a wet winter and spring hasn’t been dry. The upside of that is the fact that the moss is spectacular right now. Brilliantly lime green and forming a thick carpet everywhere it can gain a foothold.