International Love Your Pet Day

This is Milo. He is a Havana Brown, a very rare breed; basically a chocolate brown siamese.

Our little brown bear gets overlooked with all the attention on Loki and his mystery illness. In all fairness, this little guy has had his trials and tribulations too, and we had assumed that his life would be short, perhaps no more than ten years given the mess that he was when he came to us. Missing half his hair. Underweight. Snuffling and sneezing out bloody goo. But full of life and mischief. A total handful.

He cost us a small fortune in vet bills at the outset and for several years, and eventually one vet told us to stop. He said that Milo copes well and that it was unlikely we’d ever be able to fix the sinus issue and that we’d just have to always be vigilant about his getting and respiratory infections and act fast if he did. He said we’d done more than most people would try and that, other than the snotty sinuses, he was in good shape.

So he’s still a bit of a chronic mess, but less of a mess than he was and he manages with his sinus issues since he’s really never known anything else.

He’s 14 years old now, and still a force to be reckoned with. I worry about him every day, he’s such a character and is so full of life, and he’s a pretty cool companion.

I’ve never heard of Love Your Pet Day….. I try to love my pets everyday, but to show Milo love today, and since I’m home sick, I’ve let him have the fireplace on all day.

He’s pretty content.

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