No city is without its flaws, and Vancouver is no exception. But it’s my chosen home and I love her dearly.

Today we drove out to Langley in a dry sunny day, on roads that were bare and dry, to attend a hockey game. The game was between teams from my old home town of Prince George and my current hometown of Vancouver.

At the end of the first period, the old home town was leading 1:0, then the little Timbits took to the ice.

After the first break, the current home team found their skates and, by the end of the third period, the Giants won 4:1.

Shortly before the game ended the inevitable fight broke out, three players ended up in the penalty box, and two were kicked off the ice.

When the game ended and we came out, we were met with this…

You just never know what the weather will throw at you on the coast.

Dinner and the theatre on Friday night, a windstorm and the Boat Show on Saturday, and a hockey game and a snow(storm) on Sunday. That’s fitting a lot into a weekend 🙂


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