We usually slip down to the Capilano Suspension Bridge at least once over the holidays, but it’s either been too wet or too busy, until this evening. The area seemed relatively sane this evening, so we went with a hunch that the bridge might be equally sane; it’s New Year’s Eve and most people are probably at parties, out to dinner, or snuggled in on their couch. 

The hunch paid off and we walked right into the park. 

The bridge is a neat thing to have only two blocks from home, and it is also a source of frustration when the park is busy because they don’t have enough parking for their patrons and the overspill ends up causing gridlock on our street. On the upside, as a teensy little perk to try and appease the neighbours, the park owners allow anyone with a V7R postal code free access any time and as often as desired. We usually visit a couple of times a year, and it’s a nice place to take visitors….when it’s not crazy.

Tonight was anything but crazy, but we asked at Customer Service how many people came through the gates last night….

10,700 visitors between dusk and closing (9pm)

I am SO glad we didn’t try to visit last night….I wouldn’t have survived…and someone might have been accidentally hip-checked off the edge….by someone else…of course…

So, as the final hours of the year tick off the clock, I wish you all a Happy New Year. May it bring you health and happiness and wonderful new adventures.