The garden has been doing its thing. The weather was dry, then cold, still dry, then warm and dry, then cold and dry, and now we have some cold and wet. But the garden has been jumping forward in leaps and bounds when I haven’t been looking.

I intended to get a yard of soil in here to put a new layer, now it’s too late because things have sprung forward from the depths below and I’m afraid I’ll just crush new buds, step on things I don’t see, or damage fragile new growth. So I’ll leave it alone and try to catch up with weeds and enjoy a bit of haphazardness.

I used to never like spring, because back home spring was dirty, and brown, and the roads were not much more than potholes.

But here, on the coast, spring really does spring forward and burst on the scene to wash away the dull days of winter. The garden presents a new treasure to discover almost daily.

Here are a few of my recent discoveries 🙂

Acid green

Isolated objects



Stretching for the sunDaintyApril Showers Bring MayflowersHacquetia epipactis