Game Night

Game Night

Game Night


March 6, 2017 – Television is an isolating time waster. We plant ourselves in a comfortable seat, all face the same direction, and watch intently. We break the spell only briefly every twenty minutes or so (less if we are streaming video or watching prerecorded shows) for a snack, a bathroom visit, or to pour another drink at the commercials.

Far more enjoyable to pull out a game, face each other, and have a bit of friendly competition. And a little friendly competitive game playing is excellent exercise for the brain.

Mom introduced us to this game, and others. I always smile when we play games that we used to play with Mom, she was a force. Most competitive people play to win, Mom played to make everyone else lose as badly as she could make them lose. Nothing made her giggle with glee as seeing you end up with a hand full of high scoring tiles/cards when she went out. Playing Taboo, you really didn’t want her to have the buzzer when it was your turn! The fun thing is that her general brutality when playing was so entertaining for everyone that it was welcomed. Her cutting competitiveness made everyone laugh, because at some point everyone would be a target.

And I also loved playing games with Dad. There was a period of time that I’d come home from school and it was habit to play a game of chess or a game of cribbage with him. And he was equally frustrating to play with, because he was always so much better at both than I was. Every chess move was usually matched with a “Are you sure you want to do that?”. Every crib count was accompanied by a “Can I have the rest?”.  But he taught me strategy, and that was pretty awesome.

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    Beautiful photo and commentary. Thank you for sharing.

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    Un très beau fini

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    A game with a friend is much nicer than just TV watching, indeed 🙂

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