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Pumpkin Gingerbread

November 28th, 2009|Food Mood|

Oh wow. Totally ignore those pumpkin bars I wrote about a few days ago. I mean, they are OK.... but this, this is amazing. Pumpkin Gingerbread. It's a quickbread loaf and it is totally scrumptious. [...]

Pumpkin Squares

November 24th, 2009|Food Mood|

OK, three cans of pumpkin and three cans of evaporated milk from the depths of the cupboard. Plus a can of pumpkin pie filling (stupid mistake at the grocery store) and another tiny can of [...]

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Tinned Fish Casserole

October 29th, 2009|Food Mood|

Ever had one of those days when you wished you hadn't picked up the phone? I just did. I received some bad news, news I'd been expecting for about 6 months, but hoped wouldn't come. [...]

Muffin Mistake

October 27th, 2009|Food Mood|

And that's a wrap! I tried another batch of muffins today and screwed up when i was reading my scribbles and revisions...and in doing so, I think I actually nailed them! I had changed my [...]

Muffins…Round…. I Lost Track

October 1st, 2009|Food Mood|

After a few more tries and some resounding failures I've come back a few steps and tried again. I've added a bit of sour cream this time to try and find that "tang". I also [...]

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Blueberry Crumb Bars

September 14th, 2009|Food Mood|

Mmmmm, blueberries.... except that after awhile there always seems to be too many in the fridge Particularly when I'm alone for a week while Kirk is out of town. So what to do with three [...]

Damn F$$#@!!ng Muffins!

September 11th, 2009|Food Mood|

OK, round five in the muffin challenge. I actually got a lot closer this time. I tried baking them in a popover pan instead of a muffin time to get the shape that they have [...]

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Mmmmmmm….. curry…..

September 2nd, 2009|Food Mood|

I love curry.... love Indian curries, Thai curries..... mmmmm...curry..... Had a single frozen chicken breast the other day...and some grape tomatoes starting to soften a bit on the countertop (NEVER put tomatoes in the fridge, [...]

Muffins – Round Three

August 31st, 2009|Food Mood|

OK, took another stab at recreating those cottage cheese muffins. Got closer, but still not quite there. I was missing a tang, and there were some dark chewy bits on the edges that I haven't [...]

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Gas or Charcoal …..?

August 26th, 2009|Food Mood|

That age old debate. OK, well maybe not "Age old".... but it's been going for a long time.... since the invention of the gas BBQ anyway. People have a love of the grill, and the [...]

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