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Punishing pomegranates!

March 28th, 2014|Food Mood|

I never eat pomegranates. Not because I don't like them, I love them. But I never eat them because they are more trouble than they are generally worth. But after watching this... I think I [...]

Pumpkin Gingerbread

November 28th, 2009|Food Mood|

Oh wow. Totally ignore those pumpkin bars I wrote about a few days ago. I mean, they are OK.... but this, this is amazing. Pumpkin Gingerbread. It's a quickbread loaf and it is totally scrumptious. [...]

Pumpkin Squares

November 24th, 2009|Food Mood|

OK, three cans of pumpkin and three cans of evaporated milk from the depths of the cupboard. Plus a can of pumpkin pie filling (stupid mistake at the grocery store) and another tiny can of [...]

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Tinned Fish Casserole

October 29th, 2009|Food Mood|

Ever had one of those days when you wished you hadn't picked up the phone? I just did. I received some bad news, news I'd been expecting for about 6 months, but hoped wouldn't come. [...]

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