Do you remember

January 27, 2018 – Do you remember these watches?

State of the art, amazing things (in the 1980’s that is)! 

Water resistant! A stopwatch! Even a sickly green light that shone a little bit across the face and sort of lit up part of the face enough that you could just kind of make out the time. Who didn’t want one back then.

Here’s the thing. This isn’t old. In fact, it’s brand new, right out of the box. Unless someone found a container of them somewhere, an unopened time capsule circa 1980-something. But no, Casio’s website has them listed in the “Vintage” series of watches. 

My nerdy watch-loving husband wanted it the second he saw it at Simon’s, so who was I to say no, and so I bought it for him. 

Glorious in its ugly retro styling, but it brings a smile to him and everyone who sees it on his wrist. So at $45 it’s probably the cheapest watch in his collection, but it’s also the most amusing.

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