The weather has been nice the past two weekends, nice enough that patio season has officially arrived.  We’d just sat down on the patio at Hearthstone brewery – a sunny day required sitting in the sun with a beer in hand – and ordered our drinks and some (amazingly delicious) maple bourbon wings.

While we waited for our drinks to arrive, I looked across the parking lot to the tree above where we’d parked our truck and noticed something in the branches. At first I thought it was just a plastic bag, blown into and caught up in the twigs. But it didn’t seem right.

Kirk turned to look at what I was staring at and said “raptor?”.

I shook my head, the shoulders weren’t right, too bulky up top.

Then it turned its head and I could see the tufts on either side…”Owl!”.

I had my little camera with me and went over for a few shots, which were challenging since the sun was behind him. He just looked down at me with a haughty regal expression, and went back to looking annoyed at the crows diving at him.

It’s funny how no one saw him until I stood there staring up into the tree, then all of a sudden he had a little audience 🙂

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    wonderful image, well done.

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  5. fantastic series, nice
    Happy Easter

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    Must have fancied a pint
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    Great capture! Seen in
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    Beautiful owl.
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