Day 365 - Library Cart

December 30, 2016 – I am glad that there are like minded people to me out there, people who appreciate the lure of the physical book.

I appreciate the functionality of an e-reader, but I can’t ever seem to connect with mine. There is just something so much more immersive about a paper book.

A paper book is tactile, it has an odour, and if you forget it on the bus it’s not a huge investment to buy a new (or used) copy to replace it, just an inconvenience.

You can leave a paper book on your chair or towel at the beach and not worry about it being gone when you return.

And when you finish it, you can leave it behind at any “leave a book – take a book” spot at your hotel/hostel/marina, and choose a new one to take away with you.

Paper books yearn to be shared, gifted, handed off to someone you know would love it too.

The library is a small oasis where one can slow down and just peruse the shelves and all the treasures that they can offer up.

My last photo to complete the 116 Photos in 2016, I was trying desperately not not take a photo of a car or truck and as I was walking downtown this afternoon I passed the library and it hit me, a library cart is a four wheeled vehicle! Interpretation is everything 😉  116 Photos in 2016 – 98. A Four Wheeled Vehicle