Day 365 - The End

365/365 (December 31, 2010) – Wall-E had to make a final appearance in my 365. I didn’t intend for him to figure so prominently this year, particularly since he didn’t appear on the scene until April. If I did my quick count correctly, before today Wall-E was featured in 25 of the photos this year. Hard to help really, he is a bit of an inspiration and when I needed a mood in my photos, he was quick to add it.

This was an interesting project to do, and there were days I didn’t think I’d manage a photo. At those moments I either pulled out some silly little prop, or took a crappy photo. And what I realised was that this wasn’t about taking 365 perfect photos, but about capturing 365 images that represented some level of interest for me. And that sometimes the imperfections were what made a photo interesting to me. Many days I didn’t use what I thought was necessarily my best image, but one that caught my eye for some reason, or better represented my feelings. I’ve found that photography for me is more about capturing a moment and the emotion or mood that it instilled in me. That, and zooming in on the details around us that we miss because we are so busy zooming along. There are moments in the day that we would miss or forget within a short period if we didn’t pick up a camera and focus in on them. The world around us is so full of what we think is uninspiring, until we look closer at it. The most humble objects can have the most interesting angles and textures when we block out everything else.

I have 24 hours to decide if I am going to do this again, to keep on going. I want to do more film photography, so perhaps that will be the increased challenge, do this again and add the element of film onto it as an additional layer.

If anyone out there was actually following this, I appreciate that you took a moment of your time to view my images.

Have a fabulously Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you all health, happiness, and adventure for the coming year.