Day 364 - Companionship

An idea blatantly stolen from a Flickr contact (but I did tell her I was going to be a thief). Her Daily Challenge a few days ago was “What Money Can’t Buy” and her answer to it was “Someone To Share Your Morning Coffee With”.

That resonated with me and so I plagiarized (with proper attribution though – see below).

I loved the concept and grabbed. Unlike hers ( though, it’s unlikely that mine will be Explored.

Companionship doesn’t have to mean your soulmate (but in my case it does). It can mean a friend, a family member, a loved one, or someone that you just enjoy sharing time with on any random occasion. If you have a few of those people in your life, ones who will drop everything to be with you on spontaneous whim, then you know that you are rich beyond measure. Those people are worth cultivating in your life.

I wish you all someone to share a cup of coffee with!