Day 363 - Walking in a Winter Wonderland

December 27, 2016 – Today was a beautiful day for a walk in the snowy woods. Although it wasn’t so much of a “walk” in any real sense, since the snow wasn’t packed and every third or fourth step was more of a lurch, or a slip, or stumble. A pair of snowshoers passed over our tracks on the way out, but they didn’t do much of a job in packing it in any functional manner, it was just as much of an ungraceful exit from the forest as was our entrance.

And poor Oakley, with his short little legs and snowballed fur, must have had a challenge navigating the human formed potholes. Near the end, as he was pulling up the rear, I stopped and waited for him and he just slogged up to me and stopped, not even lifting his head. I felt sorry for him and picked him up and carried him for a ways. We passed him around and gave him a lift for a little while, until he perked up again and was a little happier to get back on his feet.

If Julie’s coat hadn’t been red, one could be forgiven for thinking the image was black and white.

But it was excellent exercise for the hips and ankles, the air was fresh and cold, and the view when we got to the bluff was spectacular. There has been too much eating and too much sitting over the past few days, getting out for some air and a bit of a workout in the environment was a happy change.

I love the monochrome of winter.