Day 362 - Seared Senegal...

362/3656 (December 28, 2010) – Seared Senegal, that’s what I’m pondering for dinner tonight. Or maybe just an appetizer, he’s really too small for a main course.

I’ve been cleaning out some closets today, so that’s a licence to shriek uncontrollably for most of the day. He’s just been a hellion! There is activity going on and he’s not involved so the only way he can voice his displeasure at not being able to get in there and attack everything is by screaming constantly. You wouldn’t know he could be so horrible by looking at him, could you? He looks so calm here, just quietly giving himself a back-scratch (wouldn’t that be nice by the way, to be able to reach every inch of your back for a good scratch).

Almost 20 years this gorgeous little monster has disrupted our lives.

No end in sight either.

There are days that it’s not such a bad thing though. That’s how he keeps us sucked in….he manages to be cute just often enough to keep us under control.