Day 361 - Shark Attack!

361/365 (December 27, 2010) – Hardly, neither one of us would ever make a buck at pool. But it’s an entertaining way to get out of the house after lazing about and eating too much over the past few days. A glass of wine and a few games in our favourite pub is a nice diversion from the rain outside. The masses seem to be in a shopping frenzy. We stopped in at the mall, Kirk bought a pair of shoes and I purchased a few pairs of tiny hoop earrings (at $2 a pair). But that was about it. The border lines are completely illogical, up to 2+ hours long by 8am. Why do people choose to put themselves in that? I don’t care that the dollar is at par….it has been for sometime (more or less) and the deals aren’t THAT much better down there right now. Masochism.

No thanks, a glass of wine and a game or five of pool sounds like a lot more fun. Even if I do suck.