Day 359 - Santa had no idea.....

359/365 (December 25, 2010) – Santa had no idea what lay in wait for him when he visited this household. Loki waited patiently before stalking the jolly fat man. When he least expected it, Loki flung himself at Santa and tore the festive and furry hat from his head.

Loki just can’t resist fuzzy objects.

So if you saw Santa and wondered why his head was bare….we apologize, but Loki really has no manners.

This was about it for the day. Got up relatively early, baked some cinnamon buns, thought we’d take a walk in the rain and then deal with the turkey. In the end we spent most of the day on the phone with family and friends since we didn’t travel this year, and our families are all elsewhere. We nibbled and sipped and when the turkey finally came out of the oven we piled our plates…and then realized we were full from earlier eats so didn’t really eat that much. Even the pumpkin cheesecake didn’t get sampled. Oh well, turkey dinner is all about leftovers anyway.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day!