Day 336 - A Good Egg

November 30, 2016 – Remember how eggs were good for you, then bad for you, and now they are good for you again. Well, they always were, but we were told to believe they weren’t, for awhile anyway.

Food seems to be the new religion and we can’t agree on anything to do with it.

I think it’s worse than it used to be though, because now everyone can go to the internet and find confirmation of misconceptions, because other people have and post the same fiction that we believe, and that somehow makes it true.

We can come to a scientifically unfounded conclusion, based on no information whatsoever, then go online and Google it, using words that are certain to produce information that we want to see merely because of the way we key in our search terms, and land on a wealth of information that supports our poorly researched opinion. We can find people who agree with our biases, and because of that, we can ignore all the science that says we are wrong. Because we have found our food tribe, we become willfully ignorant to peer reviewed science that presents information we don’t want to believe, and we decide that we know better than experts in the field.

All because we “feel” something.

Yup, sounds just like religion. Belief without facts or foundation.

Go Food Babe, you are a new cult leader.

Makes me crazy.

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