Day 334 - Q

November 28, 2016 – “Q” is such a wonderful letter, and some very wonderful words start with the letter “Q”.

Quiz…OK, maybe not a wonderful word.

Quetzal, a very cool bird with a very cool name!

Quake – such a descriptive word, and one that we can literally feel.

Quickie…..nothing more need be said.

Quiche – apparently something “real men” don’t eat (yes they do).

Quahog – such a fabulous name for a shellfish!

Qwerty – certainly an easy word to spell on a keyboard πŸ˜‰

Query – like….why do I still have no telephone or internet after the forklift driver at the construction site across the street tore the lines down this afternoon!?!?!?!?

Quote – who doesn’t love those?

Quality – something most of us appreciate.

Quail – probably my favourite little native bird.

Quartet – I played in one of those back in high school.

Quiet – something we probably all need a little more of.

Quintessential – I just love that word, it’s exemplary πŸ˜‰

Quest – it reminds me of one of my earliest computer games…..

Quirky – like most of my favourite people!

Queen – such a regal word.

And so many more cool “Q” words.

We rushed home this evening to collect Loki and run to the vet for his checkup, he was overdue given circumstances this summer and fall. His bloodwork was a little disappointing, and I have to admit that I felt a little queasy when she read the results to me, I knew that it was lower than it had been on or last visit….was he sliding again?

So, low haematocrit…. but with some haemolysis, so not a fully accurate reading, perhaps artificially low.

The specialist suggested that we could take a quick blood sample to run on a microhaematocrit tube, a recheck, I agreed immediately, more than familiar with the test having used it so many times in my lab days.

It came back 5% higher than the earlier labwork, and jived with the reticulocyte counts. It is stable and consistent with the results for 12 weeks ago. That was better news. Not perfect, and lower than his highest readings, but still a damned sight better than what she’d first relayed to us.

Relatively stable is better than failing and going back to where we wre a year ago.

So home to feed him, and Milo, who was clearly out of sorts having been made to wait, and then we opted to run out for dinner given the later hour.

So, since I had little to photograph tonight, the letter “Q” is simply for Queen’s Cross, our neighbourhood pub. Found on a stained glass panel behind our seat.

Pretty much all I had in me today. I don’t really care.

A quickie.

What did you think I meant above!?!

Get your mind out of the quicksand.