Day 324 - Precision

November 18, 2016 – I love the nonchalant posture of this fellow as the diggy-thing (aka the excavator) scrapes down the edges of the first few feet of what will end up being a much deeper hole.

I am surrounded by construction these days. The four-plex across the street has been deforested and is now a massive hole in the ground, eventually seven townhomes will rise from the destruction.

At the corner of Edgemont and Ridgewood two construction sites on opposite corners are underway. One will be a grocery store, multiple shops, and some 70+ townhomes and condominiums, the other to be 24 townhomes on a site where four houses stood (future silos!).

And that’s just in this two blocks.

But as I waited for the bus in the Village I passed the time watching the work, and what amazed me was how precisely the excavator shaved off the edge of the wall by mere inches. What looks like something that would be a bull in a china shop is manipulated with such finesse by it’s operator.

Skill indeed!

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