Day 323 - Take a Hike

November 17, 2016 – Today’s theme for the 116 Photos challenge was “Take a hike”, which seems oddly appropriate given that today at work I found out that I would not be receiving that much hated annual (or more frequent) letter at the end of a term thanking me for my service and telling me that my term may or may not be extended. Today, after more than five years of term extensions on top of five years of contract work, I am finally being appointed permanently to my position; paperwork to follow of course, not truly official until I receive the Letter of Offer and sign it, but according to the emails I saw today, it is coming and should be all completed within two weeks.

The road was paved with frustration, anger, and more than one case of me openly criticizing and challenging the system in such a way that could have seen me kicked out the door.

But they didn’t, and they tried new avenues to push the system to work for me instead of against me.

It took a new government and a lot of time, but perseverence finally paid off.

And so of course I cried.

I work with amazing people, in an amazing Program, and where I would normally have thrown in the towel, it was so worth hanging on for something I am passionate about, something I believe strongly in.

But what felt better than receiving the news, was how it felt to receive the heartfelt congratulations of those in the office.

Today was a very good day.

No hikes shall be taken today 🙂

But wine is being poured.

Happy Thursday!

116 Photos in 2016 – 17. Take a Hike Day (17th Nov)