Day 188 - Unfurling

July 6, 2016 – I am fascinated by ferns. I have western sword ferns, deer ferns, soft shield ferns, licorice ferns, ostrich ferns, maidenhair ferns, lady ferns, autumn ferns, Hart’s tongue ferns, Japanese painted ferns, holly ferns, and even a hen and chicken fern.

I love the way they come out of the ground rolled up tightly, and then unfurl like a flag heralding springtime. I love shade gardens and therefore ferns are a staple, they bring a soft serenity, a sense of cool and earthy dampness.

This is an autumn fern and I love the way the fronds come up a coppery red and looking like fall foliage, and then they turn green and summery after a few days in the sun.

116 Photos in 2016 – 40. Coming out of the ground