Christmas Day on the North Shore (359/365)

December 25, 2015 – If I can’t have snow on my lawn for Christmas, I’m happy to just not have rain, and to see snow just a few hundred feet up the hill from home 🙂

This morning the sun came out and we watched a big grey squirrel, some flickers, a few Stellar’s jays,  a handful of juncos, a couple of towhees (one having a wonderful time in the birdbath), some other unidentified little brown birds, and a few hummingbirds all flitting around our yard…then there were a few snow flurries, followed by a cat trying to light itself on fire in the fireplace.

That’s Christmas in North Vancouver this year.

After getting everything prepped for dinner we took a quick run just up the road to the Cleveland Dam to enjoy the last rays of the day’s sunshine as it disappeared over the horizon and lit up the North Shore mountains with their frosting of snow.

It’s odd, but this year the West has the cooler weather while the Eqast is basking in warmth, things are a little backwards and upside down, but if I get to at least see snow at Christmas, then I’m just totally OK with that 🙂

Life on the West Coast is pretty awesome.

The turkey is in the oven, the potatoes, carrots, yams, and beets are in the pan and ready to roast, the dressing and green beans are just waiting for the right moment to be slid into the ovens, and Mom’s Christmas pudding is ready to go in its steam bath, the lemon sauce waiting to be warmed and poured over top.

Time for a glass of wine and enjoy the smells emanating from the kitchen while we wait for dinner to be ready in a couple of hours.

Merry Christmas Everyone!