Charlotte s Web

I am both fascinated and repulsed by spiders. I appreciate their structure, their functionality, their architecture, and their terrifying beauty.

At the same time, I loathe them.

I am a rational individual, but all rationality goes out the window when a spider lands on me or if I get too close to one that exceed the size of a pea.

The problem is that where I live, there are lots of big spiders. Not huntsman spider sized spiders, I don’t EVER want to encounter one of those things!!! But still, we get spiders that have a span of more than a twoonie. That’s well past my comfort zone.

Last week I reached up high on a shelf in our pantry and took down a large bowl that I use both for making big-batch granola, and also for weighing the cat (It works, don’t judge, and yes, I clean the bowl between cat weighing and granola making). Once, some time ago, I took it down and there was a huge (not exaggerating here) spider in the bottom of it. Now I always expect to find another. Apparently that irrational fear was well founded because last week it had a new resident, just as big as the last one. Maybe it was the same one come home to roost again.

The terrified side of my brain wanted to fling the big steel bowl far from me, but the logical side informed me that, if I did fling the bowl, the monster at the bottom would scurry under a shelf and I would clearly never be able to go into the pantry again.

So I screamed, didn’t drop the bowl, screamed again, lowered the bowl and bit, the spider moved, I screamed again, and put the bowl on the floor. And then I bolted out of the room.

All while Kirk looked on with amusement.

Then Kirk removed the monster using the spider catcher and tossed it outside.

I bet it will be back in that damed bowl again someday soon!

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