Worth Watching

Loki…. just…. can’t…. quite… fit…!!!

July 30th, 2012|Worth Watching|

Loki....can't....quite....fit...!!! from Paige Ackerman on Vimeo. Gearing up for an almost 600km ride yesterday morning, I put my tailbag out on the table, and when I turned around, Loki was trying to fill it for me. He spent two minutes desperately trying to stuff his bulk into something too small. But it was good for [...]

On Being Wrong

March 13th, 2012|Just Thinking, Worth Watching|

Who likes to be wrong? Most people don't, of course. But if you are never wrong, well....how boring and dull. It's how you deal with being wrong that's important. Do you hide it? Or do you face it and use the experience to grow? Do you find a way to make yourself right by cherry [...]

Breathtaking Alberta

March 11th, 2012|Worth Watching|

You know, I have to admit it, we are all pretty smug and self assured that we British Columbians live in the most breathtaking place on earth. Certainly the best in Canada. And then you see a video that challenges that assumption. But of course, when you watch this, you will certainly realize that these [...]

A ‘Happy’ Secret

February 18th, 2012|Just Thinking, Worth Watching|

I LOVE this video!!! I try to visit TED for some inspiration and mind expansion every so often, and today I stumbled on this talk. It was funny to have come across it now, since I had been doing some journaling on something akin to the subject and hadn't had the time to post it. [...]

Perfectly Imperfect!

February 16th, 2012|Just Thinking, Worth Watching|

We all strive for some level of personal best, in at least something anyway. Are we trying to be perfect? If yes, it's a lost cause because perfection is highly subjective and fluid. Imperfection is so much more interesting and fun. Rather than curse our faults, embrace them, find the wonder in them, and revel [...]


February 2nd, 2012|Just Thinking, Worth Watching|

I stumbled across this video early yesterday and thought it was wonderful. The message that we could be that much more balanced if we made the effort to see other people's perspectives and stop trying to frame them within a context of our own expectations, stop cherry picking the bits we like and ignoring the [...]