Photo a Day – 2010

Day 365 – Happy New Year!

December 31st, 2010|Photo a Day - 2010|

365/365 (December 31, 2010) - Wall-E had to make a final appearance in my 365. I didn't intend for him to figure so prominently this year, particularly since he didn't appear on the scene until April. If I did my quick count correctly, before today Wall-E was featured in 25 of the photos this year. [...]

Day 364 – I Resolve….

December 30th, 2010|Photo a Day - 2010|

364/365 (December 30, 2010) - I resolve.......nothing really. I hate resolutions. I suppose some people stick them out. But when you don't manage to carry it out, you feel badly, and then it's a failure, so why bother. Well, not totally true. I think the problem is that people make resolutions that are just too [...]

Day 363 – Life in a Fishbowl

December 29th, 2010|Photo a Day - 2010|

363/365 (December 29, 2010) - Ahhhh, what a beautiful day. The sun came out, although the temperature didn't exactly rise. Didn't matter. Even though it was snowing on top of Burnaby mountain, it was stunning here in North and West Vancouver. Stripped the cover off Gypsy, pulled on my new helmet and gloves, and had [...]

Day 362 – Seared Senegal?

December 28th, 2010|Photo a Day - 2010|

362/3656 (December 28, 2010) - Seared Senegal, that's what I'm pondering for dinner tonight. Or maybe just an appetizer, he's really too small for a main course. I've been cleaning out some closets today, so that's a licence to shriek uncontrollably for most of the day. He's just been a hellion! There is activity going [...]

Day 361 – Shark Attack!

December 27th, 2010|Photo a Day - 2010|

361/365 (December 27, 2010) - Hardly, neither one of us would ever make a buck at pool. But it's an entertaining way to get out of the house after lazing about and eating too much over the past few days. A glass of wine and a few games in our favourite pub is a nice [...]

Day 360 – Happy Boxing Day!

December 26th, 2010|Photo a Day - 2010|

360/365 (December 26, 2010) - Wall-E is making another appearance to wish everyone a Happy Boxing Day! Once, when I was in the USA, I was having a conversation with some American students about differing holidays. Boxing Day came up, it is not a special day of any sort in America, even in Canada it [...]

Day 359 – Santa had no idea…

December 25th, 2010|Photo a Day - 2010|

359/365 (December 25, 2010) - Santa had no idea what lay in wait for him when he visited this household. Loki waited patiently before stalking the jolly fat man. When he least expected it, Loki flung himself at Santa and tore the festive and furry hat from his head. Loki just can't resist fuzzy objects. [...]

Day 357 – Black-Eyed Santa is Back

December 23rd, 2010|Photo a Day - 2010|

357/365 (December 23, 2010) - Last year we acquired Black-eyed Santa, a funny and somewhat tacky Christmas ornament that I grew up with and had disappeared into the depths of my Dad's stuff for some time. He resurfaced as my brother was clearing things out and he finally returned to the top of a tree [...]